Antique shop on Friday the 13th

Antique shop on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is a television drama series that aired in early 1990. Revolves around a pair of teenage Micky Forester and Ryan Forester who has an uncle owner of an antique shop.

All mystical things and supernatural fenomena come  into their life and  experienced by both teens since they started to manage his uncle's antique shop relic who disappeared suddenly.

Every object in a sale at the Antique Shops has its own history and is usually associated with things mystis and supernatural. Like the story of a cup that can make anyone who has it and drink from it stay young. Or an ancient coin that can turn the dead into alive.

In the antique shop in the guard Ryan and Mickey Forester there are many objects that have a supernatural power caused by a curse or witchcraft.

Antique shops and the objects therein, including Ryan and MIky Forester is central to the story in friday the 13th version of the drama television series.

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