Karmila by Marga T

Karmila is a movie title is taken and adapted from a novel titled the same name by Marga T. Wide-screen version, starring by Karmila in Indonesia famous movie star that is ..... and ..... (forget. update later)

Karmila also been made ​​in theatrical soap opera serialized in the mid 1990s with the main character Paramita Rusady as Karmila, Teddy Shah as husband and Atalarik Syah as former lover of Karmila who ia a college student  in Australia.

Karmila so legendary story in late 1990. When the patron not to mention the mushrooming. Currently, very difficult to find a patron who has a weight like soap operas Karmila. Because right now in making the soap opera-oriented production house only through advertising revenue alone. Regardless of the order of art.

But at least, Karmila can be recalled to this day as an Indonesian soap opera ever victorious on Indonesian television arena

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