Khasiat biji Selasih

Khasiat biji selasih. I looking for an article about Selasih and khasiat biji Selasih. I heard from some one it's good to consume biji Selasih becoz it's have so many benefit for our health. Few of it is to cool down our body, cure insomania and many more. 

Biji selasih is harvest from a plant that look like exactly like a kemangi plat. But with leaves a bit different in the curve. But its smell just alike. To grow this plant is very easy. What you need to do is take the dry flower and throw away in every where around your garden. Its will grow as soon as the rain fall. Or to get more easier, just buy in supermarket or pasar tradisional. Its not so expensive that the khasiat we get from it. So just buy , will you? Biji selasih have so many healthy effect for your body to get fit to life.

Bacause of that I want to share the article about khasiat biji selasih with you guy. Hope you like it
To find more the Khasiat Biji Selasih just find it using the search engine but... becarefull.. so many spam there.

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