Marimar just a Telenovela

Marimar just a Telenovela. Marimar is a Mexican telenovela starring famous because one of the famous telenovela star Thalia. Story about a poor girl who married a wealthy man from a family famous. But the wedding was on about by the family of the man and his stepmother.

In many ways the family of the man trying to separate Marimar with her ​​husband. Until finally Marimar considered dead in a fire.

Like the telenovela habits of the American continent, which always lasts very long and polemic story is always about issues of love, wealth and family.

At the end of the story, Marimar met a rich man who helped lift his status to take revenge on her husband's family who had planned the murder to him. This story was so moving and get people addicted. Because the story is always articulate and aired every day, the loyal audience is always made ​​time to queue in front of the TV in order not to miss the story.

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