Prince Harry in Spot light

Prince Harry in Spot light. Prince Harry had never deserted from the news media. After the media attention focused on William and Kate's wedding, now the lens news is turned towards the Prince Harry.

After being the best man at the wedding his brother, Prince William, and after attending a party at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry was seen partying until dawn with his girlfriend is off-and since 2005, Chelsy Davy, the Göring Hotel. 

Based on the information to a source, Harry (26) and Davy (25), looks very intimate and very romantic wedding carried away. "You can see there is something between them. They act like a partner and kissing in front of people," said a source from Göring hotel. 

The couple were even seen leaving the hotel together at around 6 am. Party until the morning it (the source of the hotel Kronberg Göring said that beer in the bar sold out when checked) simply reply to the burden he felt for a few days preparation for the royal wedding. 

For Prince Harry, who reportedly likes to have fun it was quite busy preparing various events for his brother's wedding.

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