Top 10 lagu Justin Bieber

Top 10  Justin Bieber' song. This handsome singer of Amerika already become a sweet heart of all girls around the world. He has a pretty face eves as a young boy. He also has a golden voice. His song become a popular and endemic in every country. Here list top 10 justin Bieber' s Song that will move your heart.

1. "Baby" featuring Ludacris - 2010
Courtesy Island Records"Baby" was the first single from Justin Bieber's second album My World 2.0.

justin bieber2. "One Time" - 2009
Courtesy Island Records"One Time" was Justin Bieber's first single. It is a confident performance that many compared with Chris Brown's debut on "Run It!" "One Time" peaked at #17 in the US and sold over a million digital copies.

3. "Somebody To Love" - 2010
Courtesy Island Records"Somebody To Love" moved Justin Bieber into club dance territory. A remix and accompanying video that featured his mentor Usher is now considered by many to be the definitive version of "Somebody To Love." The song peaked at #15 on the charts.

4. "One Less Lonely Girl" - 2009
Courtesy Island RecordsJustin Bieber demonstrated that he knows his way around a pop ballad with the release of "One Less Lonely Girl." The romantic video shows him tracking down a girl for a date. Ultimately Justin Bieber is successful. "One Less Lonely Girl" hit a chart peak of #16 and was certified gold.

5. "Eenie Meenie" with Sean Kingston - 2010
Courtesy Island RecordsThis collaboration melding the pop-R&B sound of Justin Bieber with the island reggae pop of Sean Kingston buoyantly led the way into the summer of 2010. There is clear, fun chemistry between the pair in the accompanying music video. "Eenie Meenie" peaked at #15 on the charts and was certified platinum for digital sales.

6. "U Smile" - 2010
Courtesy Island RecordsJustin Bieber the blue-eyed soul crooner shows himself on "U Smile." He dedicates this song specifically to his fans. "U Smile" would likely charm older music fans as well as his teen base. The single peaked at #27 on the charts in late summer 2010.

7. "Love Me" - 2009
Courtesy Island RecordsJustin Bieber heads in a playful electro direction here. "Love Me" borrows from the Cardigans' classic "Lovefool." It was released as a digital only single and peaked at #37.

8. "Never Say Never" featuring Jaden Smith - 2010
Courtesy Island RecordsJustin Bieber invades the world of movie soundtracks with this inspirational track from the soundtrack to the 2010 version of The Karate Kid. The movie's star Jaden Smith adds in a rap. "Never Say Never" hit a chart peak of #33, and the title was used for Justin Bieber's biographical film due in theaters in early 2011.

9. "Never Let You Go" - 2010
Courtesy Island Records"Never Let You Go" was released as a digital only single by Justin Bieber. It has been compared to Chris Brown's hit single "Forever." "Never Let You Go" peaked at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100.

10. "Favorite Girl" - 2009
Courtesy Island Records"Favorite Girl" was released as a digital only single from Justin Bieber's first album My World. The song is firmly in an R&B groove. "Favorite Girl" hit #26 on the pop chart.

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