How to Unlock Celcom Modem

How to Unlock celcom modem still a big problem  that never solved. I send a letter to celcom careline, but the answer is so dispointing. Then this morning when I try again to surf internet looking for the thread that will help me to know how to unlock celcom modem I find this site that look so interesting because has so many software from celcom Axiata. Please let me know if this software can use to unlock celcom modem.

How to unlock celcom modem

become first priority for me because now I have to In-Out malaysia often. But because I m not yet found the best way without suspicions feeling I still can help myself. My wonder is why this so difficult? is it because celcom doesn't wanna let anybody using another internet provider with its' modem? So selfish?? Should I give up? Should I not? For now I m in indonesia and have to buy Telkomsel Flash modem by SpeedUp.

Modem SpeedUp is very flexsible. We can use it with any sim card without change the profile. They detect it automatically. Meanwhile, while I still looking for software to Unlock celcom modem, I 'll use it.

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