Mustard as Dressing

Nobody know that  Mustard was alreday known by human since year 75 M. Mustard shaped grains in finely crushed in use as a complement to the dish and as one of the ingredients of treatment

For food, there are three types of mustard are white or yellow mustard (Brassica hirta), brown or oriental mustard (Brassica juncea) or black mustard (Brassica nigra). Yellow mustard seeds usually if to smear bread hot dog and sushi or sashimi. Mustard is widely encountered and in love in America. It feels a bit sweet. Production of the best is the French's mustard, Kraft and Coleman.

Brown mustard seeds in though and utilized by culinary China as a spread and sauce ingredients or dyes. In addition to the china, brown Mustard tree also grows in Dijon (France), German and Britons. It feels a bit spicy. Best production is Dijon.

Yellow and brown mustard seeds have high sales value for the typical taste or texture, and quality guaranteed. But not so with black mustard seeds. This is caused can grow anywhere, so the quality, taste and texture is not the same. Even tend to be lower than the two other types.

For a delicious dip or dye, mustard powder mixed with water, wine, beer or vinegar until the pasta. Then season it with spices, honey, brown sugar, chopped nuts, peel of lemon or chilli finely, depending on needs.

Mustard production of large-scale commercially produced along the west coast of Europe and in the great plains of the united states.

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